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You Have A Choice!

Renters can now recycle from their doorstep

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In order to attain our services, we require working with the Property Managers directly.  If you are a resident, please see our Residents page for more information!

Please Note that we are only able to book services through property managers. See our residents page if you are a resident.

Our History

RecyclePal was born out of necessity. In 2009 after retiring and moving into a Loft in downtown Omaha, I became aware of the lack of convenient recycling for apartments and condominium residents.

Having spent most of my life in the packaging industry, I used my expertise to create a Recyclebag that was not only a great collection container, but a perfect transportation device.

The Recyclebag provided us the ability to provide doorstep service to otherwise difficult to service buildings, and a business was born!

Our mission is, and has always been, to give residents of multi-family dwellings the same opportunity to recycle that homeowners enjoy.

When recycling is convenient and affordable, most people will do their part to protect the environment.

Whether climate change is man-made or not, we have begun to better understand the impact our daily habits have on our planet. One great way to lessen this impact is to keep our resources out of the landfill by reusing them when we recycle.

Jim Best – Owner and Founder of RecyclePal


We’re focused on providing our customers with unmatched concierge recycling services